Optimize the treatment process in an all-round way and greatly improve the doctor-patient experience

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According to the notice of "action plan for further improvement of medical services" issued by the national health and Family Planning Commission in early 2015, actions for further improvement of medical services have been carried out in the national medical system since 2015, Focusing on the prominent medical service problems reflected by the people's medical treatment, we should vigorously promote the deepening of reform and improvement of service, adhere to the patient-centered and problem-oriented, and provide the people with safe, effective, convenient and inexpensive basic medical services by improving the environment, optimizing the process, improving quality, ensuring safety, promoting communication, establishing mechanism, and scientific and technological support Medical services.

Recently, Pingxiang people's Hospital, as a large-scale grade-3 Class-A general hospital in Pingxiang City, highly responds to the call of national policies and introduces a new hospital self-service scheme in order to deepen the implementation of the task of medical reform. Through self-service medical, mobile medical and smart medical, the scheme makes the hospital greatly improve the patient's medical experience, improve the hospital's work efficiency, and improve the hospital's reception ability for patients in the peak treatment period with less investment. It is an excellent project benefiting the country, the people and the hospital.

The hospital's self-service program integrates medical software and hardware terminals to seamlessly connect with the existing system of the hospital, covering all departments. All diagnosis and examination reports (films) of each department can be printed and taken from a self-service terminal. After the examination, the patient can get the report from the self-service printing terminal through the large screen of the hospital, SMS, companion app and other ways. In addition, through the mobile app, patients can download and upload diagnostic data and reports in the cloud, establish patients' family health records, and facilitate patients to provide the original data of electronic medical records in the process of referral, so as to realize data sharing between hospitals.

The scheme realizes that all non diagnosis and treatment processes in the hospital are completed by the patients themselves, optimizes the treatment process, improves the service level of the hospital, and improves the patient's treatment experience. At the same time, it is convenient for patients to relieve the pressure of medical staff, optimize the utilization of human resources in hospitals, greatly improve the utilization rate of limited space resources in hospitals, help hospitals create digitalized, informationalized, self-help medical service links, and truly implement the guiding opinions of general secretary Xi Jinping on "solving the problem of overcrowding in some large hospitals", and strive to solve the difficulties of mass medical treatment. Outstanding problems. As soon as the scheme is put on the market, it is like a whirlwind sweeping through the imaging departments of major hospitals, and has won the general recognition of hospital users with its unique advantages.

Under the call of the "action plan for further improvement of medical services", we will use more powerful development power, innovate the application of science and technology, and strive to build a mobile medical ecosystem with electronic health records to the cloud as the center, so as to help solve the problem of difficult and complicated medical treatment for the general public!

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