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LEYIDI International Medical Devices (Beijing) Co.,Ltd

LEYIDI International Medical Devices (Beijing) Co., LTD. is group company, the head office be founded in Beijing. We have established one R&D base, one manufacturing base, two marketing centers, more than twenty agencies and hundreds of sales in China. We are cooperating with many teaching hospitals, they are located in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hebei, Harbin, Sichuan and so on. And also, we are joint developing relative medical products with Peking University, Harbin Institute of Technology and ETC. What’s more, we can guarantee 24/7 after service to meet each customers requirements. Our products not only be welcomed in China, but also were widely exported to more than 35 countries in the world.
Our main products including Intelligent blood collection system, Test tube automatic labeling system, self-service printing system, Medical image printer, Medical dry films, Ultrasonic PACS medical diagnostic report film and Laser film. In the future, more medical products will be selling.


Medical Dry Laser Film High temperature resistance; acid and alkali resistance; waterproof and wear-resistant; no deformation, no wrinkling, no falling off after immersion
Auto Tube Sorting Machine Through the accurate identification of test tube barcode scanning, the test tube can be sorted according to different inspection items, and the types of test tube sorting can be increased according to customer needs


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